Unique DS Case

So I might as well admit it – I bought myself a Nintedo DS! I know it may seem like a childish thing to do – but have you seen all the commercials with the celebrity’s?! If you haven’t then you should – if you have – then you know how convincing they are! Haha!

Well… since I bought one I didn’t want it to get all scratched up – because not only would be husband be very mad, but it would be like I was wasting all that money I spent! So I made a case for it! Also – I was told not to get pink…because Jeremy wants to play it to! Ha – so I guess its not JUST me that thinks they are cool! So anyway – I wanted something to make it a little prettier… and I did!

DS 1

DS 2

DS 3

DS 4

By the way…. this is my 100th post! Yay for me actually sticking with something for once in my life! I hope that there will be several more 100’s to come!


New Fabrics!

Priss Pot has finally gotten some NEW super cool – UNIQUE fabrics! These items will be posted on Etsy soon when they are all finished! So be on the look out!




Cupcake 2

The vinal and bias tape still has to be added on to the bibs!

New Booties 1

And on the flip side…


I now can make booties in sizes 0-3, 3-6, 6-9 and 9-12 months! This is my first attempt at a bigger size and they turned out great! I love the new fabrics I have to – it gives the Priss Pot name such a new upbeat look – which I think – is just what it needed! 🙂


So when the writers were on strike this past year a bunch of different actors/ writers got together and made tiny TV shows…. this is the website that plays them. I watched House Poor, Joe & Kate and Faux Baby – but there are a bunch of different ones! They are super funny!

Strike TV

HPFWC Craft Festival

This wasn’t as successful as I planned on it being – or had hoped it would be. But it was a good learning experience and I did sell a couple of items as well as get one custom order placed! Here are a few pictures from my table…

Craft Table

Craft Festival

Craft Festival

Craft Festival 2

At the festival I ended up leaving a little early and spending the day with my sister instead. I wanted to put this picture up from the tiny photo shoot we had because I just love it.

favorite sisters

Ikea = Love

We got our Ikea 2009 catalog today… and are so excited! We are going to go shopping in Feb when the new one opens in Charlotte – until then we are going to pick out everything we want and save tons of money! I haven’t even been to one of the stores yet – but I can’t wait!


Click here and order one for yourself! 🙂

Its FINALLY here!

The Craft Festival that I have been preparing for all this time has finally come! It will be tomorrow Sat Nov, 8th at Highest Praise Family Worship Center in China Grove, NC from 7-2. Come out and visit my booth & look around at everyone else’s as well!


If you have seen anything on my website that you love and would like to purchase please let me know. I can do any colors or styles that you may be interested in! Feel free to contact me at ac87@rocketmail.com anytime – I check my email constantly so you can expect a response back very quickly.

I hope to hear from you all soon & maybe even see you out at the craft festival!

Orders that ship outside of NC will ship for $5.00! 🙂

Happy Voting!

McCain – Palin all the way!

I voted!