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Its FINALLY here!

The Craft Festival that I have been preparing for all this time has finally come! It will be tomorrow Sat Nov, 8th at Highest Praise Family Worship Center in China Grove, NC from 7-2. Come out and visit my booth & look around at everyone else’s as well!


If you have seen anything on my website that you love and would like to purchase please let me know. I can do any colors or styles that you may be interested in! Feel free to contact me at anytime – I check my email constantly so you can expect a response back very quickly.

I hope to hear from you all soon & maybe even see you out at the craft festival!

Orders that ship outside of NC will ship for $5.00! 🙂


Swap Ideas Day!

September 10th is National Swap Ideas Day! I will try to come up with a great idea to post for tomorrow… with how-to instructions so that you can make it to! Be sure to swap your ideas with someone and craft up something amazing!

Also…If you have any ideas that you think I would be interested in please share them with me! :o)

My Package from the CRAFTY Chica

I got my Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants package today… and I am so excited about it! I got the 2nd book, a  tank top, a little bag and about 10 posters… (if you would like one of the posters please feel free to let me know!)

I also got a super cute iron on cupcake patch from the Crafty Chica art supplies from Michaels stores! That is the part I am the most excited about… and I can’t wait to make something to iron it on! I will be sure to post it when I do! :o)

I WON a Contest!

On the Crafty Chica site I wrote a comment to win a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants package… and I won! I’m super excited… and super thankful to the Crafty Chica! :o) Here is what I said to win:

“I LOVE those books… and the first movie was awesome… so I am sure that the 2nd one will be just as good! I have only read books 1 & 2 but I loved them BOTH! I am looking forward to reading book 3! This sounds like an awesome package and its amazing that you are offering it to your crafty fans… who are also a fan of this book! I only wish that I had a pair of magical pants to go along with all the craftiness!”

Check out her site! She also has videos on Lifetime that are so fun to watch!

My Vacations are OVER!

So that means I can finally get back to blogging again… and trust me I plan on doing lots! There are a few things to catch up on at home first though!

Plus I just got one of my wisdom teeth taken out which was NOT fun! So I am recouping! I’ll be back very soon!

August 10th was LAZY DAY and I definitely meant to post it for you all… but since I didn’t get the chance…. lets PLEASE celebrate it now! One thing that I love more than anything is being lazy and watching seasons of my favorite shows… which is now my OFFICIAL PLAN for tomorrow!


National Cheesecake Day

Yep… it is! So EAT SOME… and think of me while you eat it! :o)

This picture is from the cheesecake factory… even though sadly I’ve never been there! I just wanted to add it… to make your mouth drool a little more!

International Juggling Day

Today is… International Juggling Day! Yay!

So I tried to make some little bean bags to juggle with! I think I am going to give them to Jeremy for a gift! If any of you make some let me know… and share your ideas! I would LOVE to hear them!