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A Fabric Scrap Ornament

So today I had a pile of fabric scraps next to my sewing machine… and I looked over and saw my clear glass ball ornaments that I had bought a couple of years ago – which I meant to paint… but never did! I was thinking that MAN that might look cute hanging from a tree – and they did turn out halfway decent looking!

Fabric Scrap Ornament

Fabric Scrap Ornament 2

Let me know what you think!


Recycled Scrabble LOVE

I saw this idea either on a blog or in a magazine… (I should really start writing down where I find stuff more often)… and I thought it was really cute! The person who was writing about it said they wanted to begin using cloth napkins instead of paper towels and needed something to hang them on… so she made these! On hers she used the initials of each of her family members… but I thought the word “love” would be just as fun!

I haven’t made any napkins yet… but I am going to tomorrow! I am really trying to “go green” more and this is one step forward! So anyway… this is the start of the project…

Shopping Thrifty

So… today has practically been a perfect day! The weather is GREAT… and my car is finally fixed after having a dead battery all summer, (we thought we could save money by just driving one car,)… so I had the windows down listening to Darius Rucker… who’s voice just has something great about it… and absolutely LOVING life!

Anyway…I also went the the thrift store… looking for some old t-shirts to cut up to make this project… but found a gold mine of super nice clothes! I got 2 Gap, 2 Old Navy and 1 Banana Republic shirts… and the 2 regular t-shirts to craft with… trying to be GREEN and all…for only $15! It was a steal! Anyway… I am loving the suddenly changing summer to fall weather… and the fact that today I get to craft!

The Poncho that I made out of the Generation T book turned into look more like and “Un-Poncho”… lets just say it turned out terrible. I really need to work on it… or try again!

Recycled Plastic Bag Clutch

I got the idea of ironing the plastic bags from: Environmental Friendly Fabric

Except when I tried to iron it… it kinda MELTED! So I decided to try putting wax paper over top of it… which worked! I only had Walmart bags at the time… so they are kinda plain… but very cool none the less!

Once they were ironed they turned out being a thicker version of what a regular plastic bag is… pretty much! It is a weird texture… but is SO easy to sew with on the sewing machine! I added velcro on as well for a nice easy closure! I think it could be used best for when going out of town to put your toothbrush/ toothpaste… etc. in… or just makeup….because it’s waterproof! :o)

Playing with Costume Jewelry

A few weeks ago, on Fathers Day weekend, I went to visit my Dad and my sister, Madison brought out all of her old costume jewelry that she got from an old relative.

The one thing we did make was made from an old clip on earring, and another beaded earring that we took the beads off of. We simply glued the tiny beads onto the earring with Mod Podge and used it as a ring. Pretty nice!

Recycled Plastic Bottle Beads

These were really easy to make and really fun to! I decided instead of making jewelry out of them to add a cute little decoration to my candle!

I got this idea from: Plastic Bottle Beads

Basically all I did was cut up a plastic bottle in little tiny strips, with one end coming to a point for a prettier finish! I colored them on the backside with a perm. marker and then rolled them up. I actually held them shut with my jewelry tools, and then used a lighter to heat them up and close them together!

And WALAH! They turned out beautifully!