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A Gift for my Hubby

Jeremy has been wanting a leather rollup thing to put his guitar stuff in for school – such as sandpaper/nailclippers.. etc. He is a classical guitarist – so his nails have to be perfect – weird I know… but he plays great!

leather rollup

leather rollup 2

leather rollup 3

He never, ever looks at my website – so I’m crossing my fingers that he won’t feel the sudden urge to check it out within the next month… haha!


A Fabric Scrap Ornament

So today I had a pile of fabric scraps next to my sewing machine… and I looked over and saw my clear glass ball ornaments that I had bought a couple of years ago – which I meant to paint… but never did! I was thinking that MAN that might look cute hanging from a tree – and they did turn out halfway decent looking!

Fabric Scrap Ornament

Fabric Scrap Ornament 2

Let me know what you think!

A BounceU Halloween

Bounce U had a special Halloween night… and I got to come up with some crafts and make them with the kids! We made SLIME and some cute flower pots to put a candle in decorated in all Halloweeny!

I got the slime idea from which is an awesome site for craft ideas! Click on the link and make the slime for yourself! The kids LOVED it!

Step 1: Mix glue and warm water.

Step 2: Add in food coloring and mix it all up.

Step 3: Mix borax and warm water in another bowl.

Step 4: Pour the mixture from step 3 into step 1. And BAM you have slime! 🙂

A Couple of Bank Robbers!

Not really – but thats what we dressed up as for Halloween. We both had to work – so it wasn’t like we needed to dress up super fancy – so this was an easy way to go!

Baxter had a pumpkin shirt! In the past he has been Dwight Schrute from the Office, a cowboy and a hotdog! Here are some pics from previous years!

Yes he has a wig on… we got it from Build-a-Bear workshop! Haha! And I made our little badges in Illustrator! I made Baxter’s tie and t-shirt, (from a white button up baby shirt,) as well!

We really wanted to have a Dwight bobble head – but no luck.

This is from 2007 – and we went to the 1075kzl Dogoween – and me and Jeremy were Jim & Pam! But we didn’t win because they didn’t really know what The Office was?!

This is from 2006. And by the way… this picture won a photo contest in First Magazine last year during Halloween! Yay for my tiny celebrity dog!

This is from 2006 as well – we just dressed him up just for fun – not for Halloween. He was only a couple of months old.


For the past couple days I’ve been a little Flickr nerd! I love searching on there for new craft ideas! I know its just pictures and no instructions but there are so many cool things on there! Here are two ideas that I saw and made!

I had so many clothespins left over from my napkin holder project that I had to find something to do with them! So I covered both sides with SUPER cute scrapbooking paper, with a coat of mod podge on top! They are so cute and I love them! I don’t have an actual clothesline that I use… but I will figure out someway to use them!

I found this to… a little mask made out of felt! We aren’t big on Halloween or anything though so we wanted something simple if we go to any kind of Halloween thing! If we wear these we will wear all black and be BANDITS! I also found some really cute bird masks, and I might just make that one to! :o)

Jingle Bells…Jingle Bells!

Ok… yea so I’m 3 months early I know… but I just am super excited for the holidays! So… tonight I made a couple cute little ornaments out of some scrap felt I had lying around! I can’t even WAIT to hang them on our tree!