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After a few days of browsing the web for cool embroidery patterns I thought I would try and make one of my own. I haven’t actually tried out any of the patterns yet – but I am so anxious to do it… I just have to find the time. But here is my first attempt modeled after the peace sign fabric I found & made in Adobe Illustrator! Feel free to try it out if you want to!




I’m not sure how I found it… but I did! Zazzle is so fun! I am making some items & if someone buys it I get 10% of the product price! So thats fun! Here is my first item:

Here is my second:

More will be coming… and here is my page!

A Couple More…

So after taking another look at the new PrissPot logo ideas… I decided to try a couple different approaches as well… let me know what you think!

The NEW Priss Pot Logo

I am trying to find a logo that is all made just by me… (I stole the picture of the button in the logo on the site now)… so I have a couple of options to choose from. These may not even be the final choice or design at all… but its a start! I am looking into making some business cards soon for a craft festival I will be going to… so I want them to look perfect!

Let me know what you think… which ones you like the best… or which ones need some work! Thanks and I will look forward to hearing any feedback you wanna give! :o)