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A Couple of Bank Robbers!

Not really – but thats what we dressed up as for Halloween. We both had to work – so it wasn’t like we needed to dress up super fancy – so this was an easy way to go!

Baxter had a pumpkin shirt! In the past he has been Dwight Schrute from the Office, a cowboy and a hotdog! Here are some pics from previous years!

Yes he has a wig on… we got it from Build-a-Bear workshop! Haha! And I made our little badges in Illustrator! I made Baxter’s tie and t-shirt, (from a white button up baby shirt,) as well!

We really wanted to have a Dwight bobble head – but no luck.

This is from 2007 – and we went to the 1075kzl Dogoween – and me and Jeremy were Jim & Pam! But we didn’t win because they didn’t really know what The Office was?!

This is from 2006. And by the way… this picture won a photo contest in First Magazine last year during Halloween! Yay for my tiny celebrity dog!

This is from 2006 as well – we just dressed him up just for fun – not for Halloween. He was only a couple of months old.


Coffee Cozy

I got this idea from a knitted coffee holder that I saw! I decided to try it out with felt! It fits perfectly for a Starbucks coffee cup… or a cup from any other place I’m sure! I hope you like them… I’m in love!

The place that I am selling my stuff at for the Craft Festival has lots of people that love coffee… so I might make a few of these to bring with me to!


For the past couple days I’ve been a little Flickr nerd! I love searching on there for new craft ideas! I know its just pictures and no instructions but there are so many cool things on there! Here are two ideas that I saw and made!

I had so many clothespins left over from my napkin holder project that I had to find something to do with them! So I covered both sides with SUPER cute scrapbooking paper, with a coat of mod podge on top! They are so cute and I love them! I don’t have an actual clothesline that I use… but I will figure out someway to use them!

I found this to… a little mask made out of felt! We aren’t big on Halloween or anything though so we wanted something simple if we go to any kind of Halloween thing! If we wear these we will wear all black and be BANDITS! I also found some really cute bird masks, and I might just make that one to! :o)

Practice Felt Wallet

A while back when my felt fetish started I made a simple little felt wallet… but it wasn’t anything to brag about, (it was actually pretty bad!) So anyway… I was thinking about the things I did wrong and what I could do better and I made this new wallet! It’s still just practice, and nowhere near perfect but it came out OK!

I used regular quilting fabric for the money section and pockets! I will go ahead and admit to you all the flaw in the wallet… the pockets were TO SMALL! They wouldn’t fit my cards… they were so close though! :o)

I used velcro to close it… which I think I will stick with when I made my next one! But I think that I will have felt for the inside and some cute fabric for the outside… (basically flip flopped from when I did this time!) I’ll be sure to post when I get to the second time around!

Jingle Bells…Jingle Bells!

Ok… yea so I’m 3 months early I know… but I just am super excited for the holidays! So… tonight I made a couple cute little ornaments out of some scrap felt I had lying around! I can’t even WAIT to hang them on our tree!

Craft Festival Prep

I have been making stuff for the craft festival a lot lately since I only have a month left… and today I made some new tooth fairy pillows! They aren’t stuffed yet and the pictures aren’t as good as I hoped… but you can still get the just of it!

So its a very rainy day and the light was terrible… and yes they are hanging on my blinds with clothespins… it was the best light I could get without a terrible washed out flash taking away the color! :o)

New Faces in Tooth Fairy Pillow World

I know I’ve been away so I wanted to post some new ideas I had for some tooth fairy pillows! I will be posting them on Etsy sometime this week! These don’t show exactly what they look like… because they aren’t entirely completed yet… but they are still cool pictures none the less! ENJOY!