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HPFWC Craft Festival

This wasn’t as successful as I planned on it being – or had hoped it would be. But it was a good learning experience and I did sell a couple of items as well as get one custom order placed! Here are a few pictures from my table…

Craft Table

Craft Festival

Craft Festival

Craft Festival 2

At the festival I ended up leaving a little early and spending the day with my sister instead. I wanted to put this picture up from the tiny photo shoot we had because I just love it.

favorite sisters


Jeremy’s Other Love

I shot a few pictures today of Jeremy and his guitar. A couple out of about 80 came out pretty decent. Let me know what you think!

I know the 2nd one is a little blurry – but I thought it might still have a little something special! 🙂

A Couple of Bank Robbers!

Not really – but thats what we dressed up as for Halloween. We both had to work – so it wasn’t like we needed to dress up super fancy – so this was an easy way to go!

Baxter had a pumpkin shirt! In the past he has been Dwight Schrute from the Office, a cowboy and a hotdog! Here are some pics from previous years!

Yes he has a wig on… we got it from Build-a-Bear workshop! Haha! And I made our little badges in Illustrator! I made Baxter’s tie and t-shirt, (from a white button up baby shirt,) as well!

We really wanted to have a Dwight bobble head – but no luck.

This is from 2007 – and we went to the 1075kzl Dogoween – and me and Jeremy were Jim & Pam! But we didn’t win because they didn’t really know what The Office was?!

This is from 2006. And by the way… this picture won a photo contest in First Magazine last year during Halloween! Yay for my tiny celebrity dog!

This is from 2006 as well – we just dressed him up just for fun – not for Halloween. He was only a couple of months old.

Chicken Pot PIE

I made dinner! With just a little help from Jeremy! If you know me… then you know that I don’t cook often! BUT the cool thing about this Chicken Pot Pie was that I didn’t use a recipe I just came up with it in my head! I used:

2 Deep Dish Pie Shells (room temp)

3 Chickens (grilled w/ salt and pepper)

1 bag of Mixed Veggies w/ a can of Mushrooms mixed in (sauteed with Mrs. Dash on top… and a little salt)

2 cans of either Cream of Mushroom or Cream of Chicken soup (no water added in)

1 box of Cornbread Stuffing (pre-cooked)

Put all the in ingredients in the 2 pie shells and cook at 375 for 15 minutes or so… and your done!


Jeremy’s MEEZ

I made Jeremy a Meez… he helped to! I love these things!

<a href=”Meez 3D avatar avatars games“>

Banana Pudding

YUM! I made it from the Nilla Wafers box… and I was super proud of myself! But I did have help from my StepMom Melissa! :o)

This one is pretty cool… and I give all the credit to Jeremy… who was very proud of himself by the way!

Here is my Dad with the finished product… I promised him I would put it on my blog! He LOVES banana pudding! And so do I! Just so you know… this is my Dads version of a smile when a picture is taken! :o)

And one more… just show how yummy it was!

Graffiti @ River City

So on our Myrtle Beach vacation we went to River City… which is something my husbands family always does! Where I put a little Priss Pot graffiti on the wall! You can’t see it that well… but its there!

Jeremy also was being super sweet an wrote a little love to me!