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Peace Pillow

From my previous post with my peace sign I made in illustrator I decided to make a pillow. And by the way – I LOVE embroidery, its so fun!

Peace Pillow

peace pillow 2

peace sign 3

You can purchase this pillow here on my etsy site!



After a few days of browsing the web for cool embroidery patterns I thought I would try and make one of my own. I haven’t actually tried out any of the patterns yet – but I am so anxious to do it… I just have to find the time. But here is my first attempt modeled after the peace sign fabric I found & made in Adobe Illustrator! Feel free to try it out if you want to!


Coffee Cozy

I got this idea from a knitted coffee holder that I saw! I decided to try it out with felt! It fits perfectly for a Starbucks coffee cup… or a cup from any other place I’m sure! I hope you like them… I’m in love!

The place that I am selling my stuff at for the Craft Festival has lots of people that love coffee… so I might make a few of these to bring with me to!

Jingle Bells…Jingle Bells!

Ok… yea so I’m 3 months early I know… but I just am super excited for the holidays! So… tonight I made a couple cute little ornaments out of some scrap felt I had lying around! I can’t even WAIT to hang them on our tree!

Embroidery Practice

I have been seeing some really cute embroidery crafts lately that I would really love to try! A while back I started embroidering a little bib and never finished it… so I figured now is a pretty good time! I am going to try to actually finish it… even though it is a very simple design… not to exciting! But still cute!

New Faces in Tooth Fairy Pillow World

I know I’ve been away so I wanted to post some new ideas I had for some tooth fairy pillows! I will be posting them on Etsy sometime this week! These don’t show exactly what they look like… because they aren’t entirely completed yet… but they are still cool pictures none the less! ENJOY!

International Juggling Day

Today is… International Juggling Day! Yay!

So I tried to make some little bean bags to juggle with! I think I am going to give them to Jeremy for a gift! If any of you make some let me know… and share your ideas! I would LOVE to hear them!