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A Place for my Buttons

I once made some button bouquets and placed them on wire from a salt shaker… it was only the most adorable way to display buttons that I have ever seen! But seen I haven’t actually finished one and displayed it… I ended up just pouring the buttons inside of it. I just love buttons!


Pillow Folder

So I made this craft a couple of months ago… but for some reason I forgot to post it?! So here it is…

It is meant for kids… when they are traveling to not only be a comfy pillow to lay their heads on… but also a folder to keep their books or activities in while on the road! I know it has gossip magazines in it… but thats all I had at hand to slip in there… haha!

New Faces in Tooth Fairy Pillow World

I know I’ve been away so I wanted to post some new ideas I had for some tooth fairy pillows! I will be posting them on Etsy sometime this week! These don’t show exactly what they look like… because they aren’t entirely completed yet… but they are still cool pictures none the less! ENJOY!

Owl Softie

So this is my FIRST plushie ever! I am super excited… and I think it came out pretty well! Only I am really terrible at sewing the finishing touches up on a project after stuffing it… if you have any tips for me I’d love to hear them! :o)

I used a soft Snuggle Fabric brand for the owl material… and felt for the eyes and nose… with buttons as an added extra! Then just used matching fabric for the body! Pretty cute I’d say… for a first attempt anyway!

Felt Tooth Pillow with CRAZY Hair

So here is my 2nd version of my tooth fairy pillow… this one has crazy hair! In my opinion its a little cuter than the 1st one… the more I make the more ADORABLE they will be!

I also decided instead of trying to manage and deal with an Etsy site… I am going to sell my stuff at some local festivals this year first… to see how it goes! The first one I am going to attend is the AUTUMN JUBILEE in SALISBURY, NC OCTOBER 4-5th! Autumn Jubliee Link
I have my work cut out for me but I’m so excited that I don’t care! So go ahead and plan on attending!

However… if you do see something you would be interested in buying just let me know and we will work it out! :o)


More Felt!

Well I LOVE felt… its a new love… but its so cute and so fun to play with! I made 2 more things today… some paper weights and a tooth fairy pillow!

I hope you like them & don’t forget to let me know what you think!

Felt & A Lazy Day

I saw these cute little felt pin holder books on a website I was looking at…. but can’t figure out which one! When I saw them I thought immediately … I can make those! So I did! They were so easy and actually ended up being really fun to make!

I am thinking about getting an Etsy site to sell them…. and some other stuff I’ve been working on to! I guess I don’t really have anything to lose because I make the stuff anyway… :o)

Here’s a few pictures of my boys relaxing today to… :o)