A Couple of Bank Robbers!

Not really – but thats what we dressed up as for Halloween. We both had to work – so it wasn’t like we needed to dress up super fancy – so this was an easy way to go!

Baxter had a pumpkin shirt! In the past he has been Dwight Schrute from the Office, a cowboy and a hotdog! Here are some pics from previous years!

Yes he has a wig on… we got it from Build-a-Bear workshop! Haha! And I made our little badges in Illustrator! I made Baxter’s tie and t-shirt, (from a white button up baby shirt,) as well!

We really wanted to have a Dwight bobble head – but no luck.

This is from 2007 – and we went to the 1075kzl Dogoween – and me and Jeremy were Jim & Pam! But we didn’t win because they didn’t really know what The Office was?!

This is from 2006. And by the way… this picture won a photo contest in First Magazine last year during Halloween! Yay for my tiny celebrity dog!

This is from 2006 as well – we just dressed him up just for fun – not for Halloween. He was only a couple of months old.


2 responses to “A Couple of Bank Robbers!

  1. lol. loving your work. esp’ the dog

  2. Amber – you really look like your mom in that picture (i think because you have your dad’s eye/eye area and it was covered up) – you guys looked great! Love ya bunches. Give Baxter hugs – he is too cute.

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