Shopping Thrifty

So… today has practically been a perfect day! The weather is GREAT… and my car is finally fixed after having a dead battery all summer, (we thought we could save money by just driving one car,)… so I had the windows down listening to Darius Rucker… who’s voice just has something great about it… and absolutely LOVING life!

Anyway…I also went the the thrift store… looking for some old t-shirts to cut up to make this project… but found a gold mine of super nice clothes! I got 2 Gap, 2 Old Navy and 1 Banana Republic shirts… and the 2 regular t-shirts to craft with… trying to be GREEN and all…for only $15! It was a steal! Anyway… I am loving the suddenly changing summer to fall weather… and the fact that today I get to craft!

The Poncho that I made out of the Generation T book turned into look more like and “Un-Poncho”… lets just say it turned out terrible. I really need to work on it… or try again!


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