While sitting in a Barnes and Noble…

I became inspired from the many craft books that I was browsing through. I now have tons of ideas… even more than I already had… floating around in my head. Unfortunately I can’t remember the names of the books that I found these crafts in… but here are some of the things that I was inspired to make!

So this was supposed to be a little bag kinda thing… but it was way huge with the little flaps! So I thought it looked like a good little bread basket thing for when we have guests or are making a cute little meal! But the best part about buying these bandannas was the “50 Craft Uses for a Bandanna” on the package that was with them! I am only going to list the ones that I think are awesome… because 50 is kinda a lot!

18 Crafty Uses for a Bandanna:

Fancy food wrapper, Napkin, Placemat, Emergency diaper, Baby bib, Pet fashions, Fancy gift wrap, Stuff & make a pillow, Sew together for a quilt, Embellish a tote bag or apron, Cover a lampshade, Create a bulletin board, Jewelry travel pouch, Napkins Rings, Make a girl’s skirt, Chair backs & cushions, Create a tree skirt!

And here is one more thing that I was inspired to make…. its really not that great… but a good first try none the less! The little bows could be used to decorate all kinds of crafts… right after I perfect them I will put them on something! :o)


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