My Cooking Struggle

I am not a very good cook… but I really want to be! I want to be a woman who’s husband and kids just die to eat that pie or cake or cookies or whatever at holidays… and who can’t wait to come home and eat dinner! But right now…. I’m not even close! Haha!

Jeremys favorite icing is some funfetti icing that he just loves but can’t ever find anywhere! So we were shopping the other day and we found it! So of course we had to get it and make a cake! But I found these super cute little tiny bunt cake molds and I really wanted to make his cake in them! Well… lets just say they didn’t turn out beautiful. But he ate it… and I think he thought it was good! :o)

So as you can see my cake was far from beautiful…. so I have decided that I am going to take some cake decorating classes! I don’t know when the next ones are coming up but when it does you can count me in! I just love making desserts and so I want to be good at it when I do! Expect more cooking posts to come… and expect to gradually be impressed…. but don’t be shocked if it takes a while to get that way! :o)


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