Baxter’s Little Trunk

This is actually not a “trunk” in any way… but I needed something cute to put Baxter’s many clothes in! Baxter is my little weenie dog…. and I know some people think it might be a little silly to put clothes on dogs… but he is to adorable with them on!

Anyway… I was starting to misplace some of his clothes because they were scattered all about… so I bought a little Tupperware-type box (I don’t know what they’re actually called)… just for him!

I didn’t want to just put his name on it… because really… how CREATIVE would that be?! So I decided to make a little profile of a daschund! I am not the best artist… so the drawing is a little rough… but its cute enough for me! I used regular acrylic craft paints then sprayed a top coat of triple thick gloss glaze to keep it shiny!


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