Weight Loss

So I have decided that its REALLY time for me to put my foot down and lose some weight! I joined a weight loss program on the website Spark People which is super helpful! I am going to share my profile with the world from my blog… because I think it will only motivate me more to do well!

After reading my step-mom Melissa’s blog Be Still & Know… I knew that eating bad was something that not only I do… but really my family does in general! I think if she can give up her chocolate and Starbucks… then I can give up my icecream and fast food!

I am hoping that everyone in my family will be supportive and help me towards reaching my goal! I will be going to the beach for 2 weeks within the next month… which is going to be HARD! Simply because one of the weeks we eat out daily… at Myrtle Beach… yikes! I am going to try to make the smartest decisions possible!

I’m crossing my fingers… and wishing with a kiss on the wall at every 11:11… and of course praying as hard as I ever have… that I will not only stick to this plan… but actually have success! So feel free to visit my page… and feel free to give me CRAP if I eat ANYTHING bad for me… I need that guilt trip! :o)

My SparkPeople Page


One response to “Weight Loss

  1. Amber –
    Phillipians 4:13 says, “Amber can do ALL things through Christ which gives her strength!” You can do this. I am very proud of you – it is definately a life change and the beginning of journey for you. Don’t get discouraged – take each day as a new day! Don’t give up everything – treat yourself just be aware of your choices. Of course, when I hang out with friends or am out at the book store – Starbucks here I come and I will enjoy every moment! I’m proud of you – I love you very much and can’t wait to see how you grow during this time – self awareness, nutrition and spiritually. Don’t forget to be fed on the word of God daily. Love Ya!

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