Recycled Plastic Bag Clutch

I got the idea of ironing the plastic bags from: Environmental Friendly Fabric

Except when I tried to iron it… it kinda MELTED! So I decided to try putting wax paper over top of it… which worked! I only had Walmart bags at the time… so they are kinda plain… but very cool none the less!

Once they were ironed they turned out being a thicker version of what a regular plastic bag is… pretty much! It is a weird texture… but is SO easy to sew with on the sewing machine! I added velcro on as well for a nice easy closure! I think it could be used best for when going out of town to put your toothbrush/ toothpaste… etc. in… or just makeup….because it’s waterproof! :o)


One response to “Recycled Plastic Bag Clutch

  1. Ok – I have an idea. Forever I’ve had this old umbrella frame that I found in the garbage and have been wondering what to do with it. I know it won’t be easy…but how about you and I make some plastic fabric and restore the umbrella! We’ll also need to come up with something for the tips, the handle and the top little knobby thing. How cool would THAT be?!?!

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