For the LOVE of Felt

So since I made my FIRST Etsy sale… I just felt the urge to go out and buy lots more felt so that I could make LOTS more felt projects! I took Jeremy along with me so we could spend sometime together!

While in the process of heading to the craft store we made a few pit stops!

1. To get a Juice Shop Smoothie… oh I love them! We always get a “Guava Gulp”!

2. We stopped by Barnes & Noble… he loves that place! While in the bookstore I had a little encounter with an insect…. a stinging one! I sadly don’t have any pictures of this incident… but either way while browsing in the craft section a little bee decided he wanted to STING me! Jeremy was adorable because he was so scared that I was allergic… he made me call all my family members until I got a hold of one! The only person I could get on the phone was my Gram… she said that she didn’t think I was… but to hold a penny on it to get rid of the sting… and it worked! You have to love Grandmas!

3. We finally got my beautiful WONDERFUL felt!


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