First Etsy Sale!

I sold my first two FELT TOOTH FAIRY PILLOWS! Here is a picture of the little guys that got to go on a journey… all the way to Kansas! It almost weird for me to think that I actually sold something that I thought of and made to someone that far away… I’m so thankful… and SO excited!

And here is me sending them away! I hope they bring lots of smiles to all the snaggle tooth kids who get to use and love them!


4 responses to “First Etsy Sale!

  1. too cute! You shouldn’t have ANY trouble selling those cuties….you ought to hit some upscale boutiques and try selling them there too.

  2. congratulations!

  3. good job……..i ♥ them…..there 2 cute

  4. Hey – it says on your Etsy site that you’ve sold the cupcake pin holder! Look at you go! I’m almost inspired to make and sell something…I’m just not as craft motivated as you are right now. Good job Amber!

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