Happy 4th of JULY!

I hope everyone has an amazing 4th! I am planning on making some sort of 4th of July dessert… just for fun! I hope you all do something fun to celebrate as well!


So here is some cupcakes I made which were supposed to be blue and red! Well of course me being the wonderful chef that I am… they turned out being cotton candyish… lol! Not flavored… but they sure do look like they are cotton candy colored!

Then me and Jeremy made the greatest discovery of our summer thus far… we found OLD SCHOOL Mario that you can just buy right off the Wii! So we have been entertaining ourselves like crazy with it… :o)

And our little Baxter has just been sleeping up a storm…


One response to “Happy 4th of JULY!

  1. Linda Howard - MeMaw

    I am SO Happy and Bless to have you as a Grandaughter and Melissa as a daugther, of course along with our special wonderful Maddie and Zach Man . Don’t leave out loving Daddy, love and Thank God for you all! These sites are so cool! I am proud of you and Melissa for doing a blog! I MUST DO one! I got here from Melissa’s site! So modern!!!! I am SO PROUD!! MeMaw

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