My little Crafty Luau & the Craftastrophe

So me and my friends have decided to have a craft night once a month to make Christmas gifts, or just to make some fun crafts together! I hosted our first one at my house and decided to make it a little luau just for fun!

We made Altoid Tin wallets from the craft project on: Altoids Tin Wallet

Mine was no doubt a CRAFTASTROPHE which was what my friend decided to call it! She said I should turn it into something that would be considered to be CRAFTASTIC but I’m not sure mine is repairable… it sorta broke the tin! I am planning on making another one though… the correct way this time! It was a fun craft night regardless!

Fruit Dip Recipe:

I also wanted to share a quick recipe that I found for a fruit dip! All you do is mix a jar of marshmallow cream, a thing of cream cheese and some cherry juice from a jar of cherries! I also chopped up some of the cherries to mix in it as well… but really that step is optional! It was soo yummy with the fruit skewers!


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