Rejuvenate 2008 Prep

This past weekend, which was Fathers day and also happened to be my Step-Mom’s, (Melissa), birthday… I made lots of crafts! Melissa is the leader of a womens retreat for her church, (Highest Praise in Kannapolis, NC), and needed some help preparing for it all! She had to make note cards, votive candle holders, flower candy holders, personal reflection cards, and more! So I decided to be her little helper for the night… most of these ideas were all her! We stayed up until 3 AM and got TONS done! And BAM Rejuvenate 2008 was planned out and prepared!

1. For the note cards we made magnets with the help of the website, , which is awesome! The magnets were placed in the center of the notecards for a personal touch that could also be used as a keepsake!
2. The votive candle holders were made the same exact way, except we pasted them on to the bottom, (with Mod Podge… which Melissa came to appreciate!), as a little surprise when the candle is lifted up!
3. The personal reflection cards were courtesy of Creative Memories, (plan a party with them and you can make one of your own!), except we printed out a reflection picture and personalized it with each woman’s name who would be attending!
4. The flowers were originally for a wedding, but were planned to be part of a growth activity. We filled them with sunflower seeds and personalized the tags to attach to them!

Hope you like it!

Amber :o)


2 responses to “Rejuvenate 2008 Prep

  1. Am………….I c how it is……………u put my mom’s name on here……….Melissa……….were is Madison………..or Maddie…….on the ring~Bye

  2. Linda Howard - MeMaw

    Amber and Melissa, this is Wonderful work! I think Melissa really is an Ambassador for Christ. I feel really “happy” and “blessed” for the first time in a week, “since my Maddie went home..”!!! I beleive this a wonderful way to show your work and a wonderful way for Melissa to minister for Christ. Bless you Girl! I believe Christ has touched my heart today and by seeing both of your sites, I am given “hope” to find days of thinking less of “what may wrong today…and think more of blessings!!”
    I want to create a blog, fill my heart with more words from God, and really start making some crafts too! Christmas will be here before you know it!! Great Job Amber and Melissa..!!! Mom and MeMaw…

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