Homemade Checkerboard

Homemade Checkerboard:

I love this project… and I hope you guys do to! Unfortunately this is another on that I don’t have pictures of me making! But I will try to lay it out for you guys!
1. I got some patterned fabric that I thought was cute for the border and back and a plain fabric for the inside. The squares are made out of felt.
2. First I cut the felt up into 32 squares and sewed them on to the plain fabric by hand with embroidery floss. I arranged them first to see how I wanted to space and lay them out. I made sure that there was plenty of room on the outside of the squares on the plain fabric so that the patterned fabric could be sewn on!
3. After this I simply sewed the patterned fabric onto the plain fabric. I first folded over each side to give it a nice even border and then just sewed it on!
4. Afterward I picked out 2 different colors of buttons as my game pieces… just so you know the colors of buttons in this picture are blue and white even though they don’t appear so in the picture! :o)



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