Chair Slipcover

This chair was really fun to make…. and not to hard either! Unfortunately I made this a few months ago though, and didn’t take pictures while I was making it! I may make another one soon though so that I can have a How-To!
1. I got this chair at a local thrift store, I looked for something that was kinda boxy, (so that it would be easy to cover), but also comfy!
2. When I got it home I measured each side of it, literally, I put this on a drawn picture of the chair on a piece of paper, as my blueprint or pattern. Every part that has a straight line on it, I measured.
3. I then started cutting out my fabric to match the measured parts. For example the seat of it measured… ( I don’t remember the exact measurements so this is just an example)… 24 in x 20 in. So my fabric was cut one inch more than that… 25 in x 21 in. I did it that way so there would be enough room to sew it!
4. I continued this for each square or rectangle on my blueprint until I had all of my peices cut out.
5. I then sewed them all, upside down, to match where they were located on the blueprint. It did get a little confusing at times trying to figure out which way each piece was going to connect to the next… but after I put a few pieces together… it all came together in my mind!
6. I would suggest having your chair close by you while you sew to make sure that it is fitting nicely and not to snug!
7. Your finished! I decided to make a little pillow to go along the back with the extra material I had! I hope these instructions were helpful… and I’m sorry that I don’t have pictures to post!


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