50 Things

So this doesn’t have much to do with crafts… but I saw it on another persons BLOG… and I thought it was really cute! If nothing else everyone can get to know me a little better!

1. My name is Amber.
2. I am married to a guy named Jeremy…
3. And we have a little dog named Baxter!
4. Baxter is practically like our child… we always treat him like one… which is not always a good thing!
5. I am very independent!
6. I moved out when I was 17… and tried not to look back.
7. My parents are divorced and I have a step-mom as well…
8. Which also led me to have a brother and a sister… who I love.
9. I didn’t care about much of anything in highschool…
10. Which in return led me to being very indecisive about what I wanted to go to school for!
11. I have FINALLY landed on going to school for a degree in Family and Consumer Sciences for Secondary Education! Basically that means I want to be a home-ec teacher!
12. The passion I have for crafts and just being me… is what led me to find the degree that I chose!
13. I love crafts of all kind… so I don’t think this will ever become a specific kind of blog… its a little of everything!
14. I love to try to cook… but I am not very good at it! I once ruined a batch of Mac-N-Cheese… not sure how that really happened!
15. I love movies…
16. I LOVE TV! Its by far my worst habit… which leads me to watching seasons of TV shows… an even worse habit… that I CAN’T shake!
17. While I watch TV I always have my computer open… Jeremy hates it!
18. I online BROWSE all the time… I don’t actually ever shop… however my shopping carts are always filled!
19. I love gossip magazines… and watching celebrity gossip TV shows!
20. Next summer me and Jeremy are planning on going out to CA… and I plan on taking a celebrity homes tour… HAHA!
21. I love the beach…. its has a HUGE part of my heart!
22. I am super impatient… and even when I try to control it… it doesn’t always calm down to easily.
23. BUTTONS are my favorite! So thats why I always put the word in all caps… to emphasize just how wonderful they are!
24. I am very random… anyone who knows me… knows its true! (I guess thats why I randomly just said I LOVE BUTTONS! ha)
25. I have 3 families now that I am married… and we are constantly torn over who to visit first or last or next or whatever! My Moms side, my Dads, or Jeremys!
26. I don’t keep in touch with people from highschool… but sometimes I think I should.
27. I have made a few new friends recently… that hopefully I will keep!
28. I miss highschool and everything that I was back then… but I know that everyone grows up and thats just the way it is!
29. I grew up FAST!
30. Since I grew up so fast… I rushed just about everything in my life… being on my own… marriage… everything!
31. Sometimes I feel like I am already almost 30.. I’m 21!
32. I am dying to have a baby… and I can’t wait until that time comes!
33. I just realized while typing this just how much I use ( … ) !!!
34. I love food… its a problem… ha!
35. I REALLY love icecream… Coldstone is the BEST… strawberry with strawberries… in a waffle bowl!
36. I am very spontaneous… and love road trips! Jeremy isn’t… we are working on it!
37. One of my most missed memories are the many road trips I used to take with my step-mom!
38. I am always trying to diet… and it rarely works… I am currently trying the Subway diet… but I haven’t been eating subs the past few days… :o/!
39. I love the color purple… pink comes next!
40. I LOVE converse shoes… in my opinion they are the cutest shoes ever made!
42. I HATE school… I mean like despise school! I literally CAN NOT wait until I am finally done! 3 more years to go… OMG!
43. I don’t make SUPER good grades… but I am a decent student!
44. I LIVE to wear pajamas… as soon as I get home daily… I run to put them on!
45. I love to scuddle on the couch with a comfy blanket and Jeremy and watch movies… I will do it all day… anytime I get the chance!
46. I always have my toe nails painted! No matter what…
47. I love music… and dancing and singing and acting like I’m 10 while its on! It blares while the windows are down in my car too!
48. I love my family… ALL of them!
49. I just want to be successful in some way… so that everyone who I love… and who loves me… will be more proud of me than they ever knew they could be!
50. BUT I’m really lazy… I’m just gonna flat out admit it! So it may take me a while to get there… but I won’t stop trying!


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