Knitting in Summer

So… of course since its in the heat of summer… I am ready for fall again! I am never EVER ready for the season that is here! So since I am in the mindset of October-December I have decided to go ahead and start knitting!

I was planning on learning how to do the pearl stitch yesterday… but I don’t quite have it yet… so I have just been doing the standard knit stitch! Thats when I remembered that I bought a video last year to help me learn how to knit… and it was amazing! It made everything so simple and easy to understand… so I decided to whip it back out to learn the new styles!

I plan on working on that until I figure it out so that I can make prettier things than just a long plain scarf! I included a picture of the video… incase anyone was interested in learning the same way! I bought it at AC Moore, (which by the way.. that store has a HUGE selection of yarn)… I think it was like $8.00 ish!

:o) Amber


One response to “Knitting in Summer

  1. Hello!! I totally love you dog and the beautiful scarf – great job!!!

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