Hello world!

Welcome to anyone and everyone who has decided to drop by Priss Pot! My name is Amber Crawley, and I’m just a girl who loves to craft… and thought about sharing a little of my magic with the world!
I came up with the name for this site from my Aunt Sandie, who called me her Little Priss Pot for as long as I can remember. When brainstorming about the names I could possibly use for all of the FABULOUS crafts I would be making, it seemed like the perfect match!
This site is for all the craft lovers out there, who want to find out more about new crafts and also learn how to make some!
So take a long look on Priss Pot and I hope you enjoy every minute of it! Please feel free to email me and share any thoughts or ideas you may have for me… I would love to hear from you! So comment all you want!
Thanks again for your time!

Amber :o)


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