New Blog!

I’ve been away for quite sometime – and have gone and got myself knocked up by my husband. 🙂

So… I decided to make a new blog to go along with my new life!

Its a work in progress… but I hope you take sometime to visit it!

Peace Pillow

From my previous post with my peace sign I made in illustrator I decided to make a pillow. And by the way – I LOVE embroidery, its so fun!

Peace Pillow

peace pillow 2

peace sign 3

You can purchase this pillow here on my etsy site!

The Typical Eye Mask

I found a pattern for this on Burda Style that was better than anything else I’ve seen. I tried it out – with a few minor adjustments.

Eye Mask

Eye Mask 2

I used elastic covered in matching fabric instead of ribbon & patch worked it instead of using just one solid fabric. I guess thats the best thing about eye masks – there are soo many ways of doing them! 🙂

Merry Christmas!

I have been so busy making gifts, wrapping them & working that I haven’t had any extra time to make fun stuff – so the blog will be kinda empty until the new year!


A Gift for my Hubby

Jeremy has been wanting a leather rollup thing to put his guitar stuff in for school – such as sandpaper/nailclippers.. etc. He is a classical guitarist – so his nails have to be perfect – weird I know… but he plays great!

leather rollup

leather rollup 2

leather rollup 3

He never, ever looks at my website – so I’m crossing my fingers that he won’t feel the sudden urge to check it out within the next month… haha!


After a few days of browsing the web for cool embroidery patterns I thought I would try and make one of my own. I haven’t actually tried out any of the patterns yet – but I am so anxious to do it… I just have to find the time. But here is my first attempt modeled after the peace sign fabric I found & made in Adobe Illustrator! Feel free to try it out if you want to!


A Fabric Scrap Ornament

So today I had a pile of fabric scraps next to my sewing machine… and I looked over and saw my clear glass ball ornaments that I had bought a couple of years ago – which I meant to paint… but never did! I was thinking that MAN that might look cute hanging from a tree – and they did turn out halfway decent looking!

Fabric Scrap Ornament

Fabric Scrap Ornament 2

Let me know what you think!